The objectives and purposes of this code are to advocate ethical principles and compliance with laws and rules for all employees of Thai Airways International PLC. at every level in respect of disclosure and confidentiality of financial statements and other related information.


All executives and employees involve in the disclosure of investor relations information must comply with the following:

  • To engage and promote appropriate conduct including proper management of personal conflicts of interest, all employees must report any significant transaction and relationship immediately to the supervisory authority with the prompt audit.

  • To perform responsible duties with professional integrity based on the principle of equality, there is no discrimination on any bribery which is a personal incentive and favors one’s own interests more than the interests of the Company and related stakeholders including investor relations. These need to comply with the policies and employee ethics that the listed company has designated.

  • To disclose information accurately, equally, and fairly by providing opportunities for all related stakeholders to access and inquire about information.

  • To necessary disclose important and necessary information for decision making accurately, adequately, and in a timely manner, such as disclosing reports or documents submitted by the Bank and its affiliates to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand Office (“S.E.C.”), and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”) or other official agencies or general communication carried out by the Company, etc.

  • To comply with government laws various official agencies rules and regulations.

  • To maintain confidentiality and usage of inside information for personal benefit and others. Employees immediately report (anonymously if so desired) to the Audit Committee Chairman for any violations of the Code or matters that may affect the accuracy of the Company’s financial statements.

  • In the case of information disclosure to analysts, if
    1. In the case of disclosure policy and it falls into the definition of “inside information” and is in accordance with the guidelines for disclosing internal information according to The Securities and Exchange Commission’s letter no. SEC. Por. Por. (Wor) 5/2018 provides significant internal information as the authority of the Chief, Finance and Accounting.

    2. In the case of facts about changing industry data with clear origins information that disclose via the SET and/or disclosure through the website itself is authority of the Chief of Finance and Accounting, Director of Corporate Finance, and Team Lead of Investor Relations.

    3. Disclosure of important investment information may affect the change of the Company’s securities price. It shall be the authority of the Chief Executive Officer, Company Secretary, and Head of Corporate Communication and/or assign the authorized person to disclose information from time to time with a written order.

  • Employees in the Investor Relations are not allowed to and/or employees involved in the preparation of financial and accounting information and/or other employees including the Board of Directors Buy/sell shares of the company during a closed period comprises of 45 days in case of the quarterly reports and 60 days in case of year-end closing (calendar) up to 3 days (calendar) after the announcement date.

  • Constantly studying for knowledge to improve work efficiency

Supervision and Inspection

The Company seriously upholds and takes actions to enforce this Code. Any violation that might be considered as disciplinary led to the dismissal including criminal, and civil penalties.